7 Best Puerto Escondido Surfing Lessons to Book in 2024

A woman surfing while taking Puerto Escondidio surfing lessons


You’re in the right place, as the best Puerto Escondido surfing lessons and instructors are listed here. How do I know? I’ve lived in Mexico since 2018, and visit Puerto Escondido several times per year.

I have done surfing lessons in Puerto Escondido, and I vetted all the ones listed in this article to make sure they’re well-reviewed — so all you have to do is book your surf lessons, and enjoy!

man surfing in Puerto Escondido

Don’t have time to read the entire article? Book this Puerto Escondido Mini Surf Trip with Eva — with a near perfect 5 Star rating, you know it’s one the best surfing lessons in PE.

Puerto Escondido is a hub for surfers of all skill levels. Its warm water and consistent waves give this Mexico destination the designation of a surfer’s paradise.

Most Puerto Escondido surf lessons offer small or private surf lessons in groups catered to your needs and skill level. Don’t have a board? No problem! Most lessons also come with surfboards and safety gear.

Ready to discover the best Puerto Escondido surf lessons? Let’s get started — and don’t worry, when making this list, I only included highly-rated surfing lessons and the best surf camps in Puerto Escondido.

Top 3 Picks: Best Puerto Escondido Surfing Lessons


tourist surfing in Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido Surf Trip
✔️ Professional guides
✔️ Use of a surf board
✔️ Photography session (optional)


woman on a surfing board

Surf Lessons For All Levels
✔️ Surfing equipment
✔️ Private lessons (optional)


man riding the waves in Puerto Escondido Oaxaca

Surf the Puerto Escondido Waves
✔️ Surfing equipment
✔️ GoPro footage (optional)

7 Best Puerto Escondido Surfing Lessons

1. Mini Surf Trip to Beaches Outside of Puerto Escondido

surfer at Playa Carrizalillo Beach Puerto Escondido Oaxaca
Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced surfer, booking this Puerto Escondido Mini Mexico Surf Trip can help you get the most out of your time in the water.

⭐️ Rating: 4.94 out of 5 Stars | ⏰ Tour Length: 4 hours | 🏄 Check Rates & Availability

Looking for one of the best Mexico surfing trips? You’ve found it!

During this Puerto Escondido Mini Surf Trip and Lesson, find hidden gems around Puerto Escondido with the locals. The team will adjust their lessons to your skill level so you get the most out of your time in the waves. 

Guests 10 years and older can participate, making this a great Puerto Escondido with kids experience. You can have up to seven people per private group, so it’s a great option for the family or a group of friends.

This trip was definitely worth the extra money (compared to other experiences I found) and Jesus was an awesome host/teacher. 

-brittany (read more reviews)

They’ll even help you set up a photography session if you want someone to snap memories during class. 

These Puerto Escondido surfing lessons are a great way to explore the area with local knowledge you can’t get anywhere else. 

best Puerto Escondido surfing lessons

2. Puerto Escondido Surf Lessons For All Levels

surfing at Playa Carrizalillo Beach Puerto Escondido Oaxaca
If you want a private lesson with experienced instructors or group classes that teach basic surfing techniques, book this Puerto Escondido Surfing Lesson with a renowned surf school Mexico.

⭐️ Rating: 4.95 out of 5 Stars | ⏰ Tour Length: 2 hours | 🏄 Check Rates & Availability

Check out these surf lessons Puerto Escondido for All Levels and get ready to ride the waves like a pro.

Whether you’re getting on a surfboard for the first time or just looking to perfect your technique, you’ll be in good hands. 

I highly recommend this surfing class! Ari and his team walk you through the whole process for beginners and make you feel very safe! 

-natalia (read more reviews)

Your instructor, Arisandi, has been giving Puerto Escondido surf lessons for 10 years. Everything is included in this surf camps Mexico experience.

Ari will provide the surfboard if you don’t have one, leashes, and rash guards. Plus, he’ll provide you with his 15 years of surfing knowledge.

Classes are limited to 8 guests, but you can book a private class if you prefer.

best Puerto Escondido surfing lessons

3. Surf the Waves of Puerto Escondido

surfer at Playa Carrizalillo Beach Puerto Escondido Oaxaca
Booking this Surfing Lesson in Puerto Escondido is perfect for both beginners and experienced surfers looking to improve their skills.

⭐️ Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars | ⏰ Tour Length: 2 hours | 🏄 Check Rates & Availability

Learn the secrets to Puerto Escondido Oaxaca surfing with a Small Group Surf Lesson. Classes are only open to 8 students at a time, so the surf instructors can ensure each lesson is customized to your skill level. 

Puerto Surf Puerto Escondido’s La Punta beach for two hours and learn to catch waves on your own.

Great experience! Ari was an awesome teacher, I did not expect to be able to stand up on the surf on my first lesson but I could thanks to him!

-mariella (read more reviews)

If you don’t have your own surfboard and equipment, they will provide everything you need for a safe lesson. 

You can take home videos and photos of your Puerto Escondido Surfing Lesson by purchasing the GoPro or Drone footage the team will take during your class.

best Puerto Escondido surfing lessons

4. Tako Flow Puerto Escondido Surf Lessons

surfer getting out of the water in Puerto Escondido Mexico
By booking this Oaxaca Surf Camp Tako Flow Lesson, you can learn how to catch waves and ride them like a pro! (Photo: Airbnb, La Punta surf school)

⭐️ Rating: 4.87 out of 5 Stars | ⏰ Tour Length: 2 hours | 🏄 Check Rates & Availability

Spend two hours at one of two local favorite Puerto Escondido Oaxaca Mexico surfing locations with your surf coach, Tako Flow.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced surfer, he will guide you through the waves with ease.

This is a great intro to surfing! He’s a thoughtful teacher and I was able to ride small waves with his help more than a few times in the first session. 

-michael (read more reviews)

Tako Flow’s Surf School Puerto Escondido is good for all ages over 5. Bring the whole family to learn a new skill and make lasting memories. 

He will host your small-group lesson in Spanish or English, so no need to worry about a language barrier. To top it off, all your equipment is provided. Simply show up and get ready to learn!

best Puerto Escondido surfing lessons

5. Surf the Most Beautiful Beaches of Puerto Escondido

playa carrizalillo beach in puerto escondido mexico
Surf lessons Playa Carrizalillo and other amazing beaches? All this and more when you book this Puerto Escondido Surf Lessons for All Levels.

⭐️ Rating: 4.95 out of 5 Stars | ⏰ Tour Length: 2 hours | 🏄 Check Rates & Availability

Head out on a La Punta Mexico surf adventure on this Surf Lesson for all levels experience.

Classes in Puerto Escondido surfing for beginners will include basic instructions on the beach before heading into the water. However, if you’re more advanced, the instructors will tailor everything to your level of expertise.

Pablo and his brother, Diego, both are extremely friendly and professional in both organization matters and surfing. [It] was a pleasure to spend time with them on the waves!

-nasir (read more reviews)

You’ll learn to stand up, row, and catch waves so you head into the water feeling confident and safe.  For intermediate and advanced surfers, you’ll learn new skills and techniques to level up your wave catching. 

This lesson has a maximum of 4 students, so you can be sure that you’ll get quality time and attention from your instructors. Pablo and Diego will take you to the best Puerto Escondido surf spots for a day you won’t forget.

This Surf Camp Mexico Puerto Escondido is great for any level of surfer.

best Puerto Escondido surfing lessons

6. Rides the Waves in Puerto Escondido Mexico Surf Camp

woman taking surfing lessons Puerto Escondido
Whether you’re an advanced or a beginner surfer, Riding the Waves in Puerto Escondido with Pablo is the perfect activity for you. (Photo: Airbnb)

⭐️ Rating: 4.99 out of 5 Stars | ⏰ Tour Length: 2 hours | 🏄 Check Rates & Availability

This Puerto Escondido Surf Camp will take you to Playa Carrizalillo Beach (considered the best beach in Puerto Escondido) and Playa Punta de Zicatela to practice new surfing techniques with your teacher, Pablo. 

Pablo and his co-host, Emilio, will take you surfing Puerto Escondido Mexico through the most beautiful beaches and areas on the coast.

Pablo is the man!! Best surf instructor in the city. I’ve done lessons with a bunch of the local companies and this was by far the best!!

-matthew (read more reviews)

One of the best surf camps in Puerto Escondido, guests loved how patient the instructors were during class. They’ll provide helpful feedback for beginner to advanced lessons surfers will appreciate.

Pablo and Emilio are ready to show you around your home and teach you a lifelong skill along the way. Ride the Waves is known as one of the best surf camps in Mexico, so you’ll leave feeling much more confident than before.

best Puerto Escondido surfing lessons

7. Puerto Escondido Surf and Spanish Schools

three women on surfboards doing Puerto Escondido surfing lessons in Mexico
Looking for the best educational surf retreat Puerto Escondido has to offer? Check out the list below of the top Surf Spanish Schools in Puerto Escondido.

Want a little something more than just surf lessons? In recent years, Puerto Escondido Surf & Spanish Schools have been gaining in popularity, and there are a few to choose from, like the ones listed here:

best Puerto Escondido surfing lessons

Puerto Escondido Top 5 Surfing Spots

Hands Sculpture at Playa Zicatela Beach in Puerto Escondido, Mexico
Playa Zicatela is one of the best beaches in Puerto Escondido, and the top surfing beach in town.

1. Playa Zicatela Beach

🏄🏼‍♀️ Best Spot for Advanced Surfers

Playa Zicatela is for advanced surfers looking for an adrenaline rush. The beach has some of the strongest undercurrents and largest waves for surfing in Puerto Escondido — including the giant Mexican Pipeline wave.

Therefore, Playa Zicatela is not a great option for beginner surfers. 

For beginner or intermediate surfers, this isn’t the beach to get your practice in. You’ll notice that most Puerto Escondido Mexico surf camps won’t take you to this beach.

If you’re a confident surfer looking to catch heavy waves, Playa Zicatela is the Puerto Escondido beach for you.

⚠️ Note: The town strongly encourages people not to swim at Playa Zicatela Beach, as the water conditions cause people to drown every year.

best Puerto Escondido surfing lessons

2. Playa La Punta Beach

beach chairs and yellow unbrellas at La Punta Puerto Escondido beach in Oaxaca Mexico
If you also want a chill spot for relaxing and surfing, go to La Punta Puerto Escondido.

🏄🏻 Best Spot for Intermediate Surfers

If you’re not advanced enough for Playa Zicatela, head south to La Punta. La Punta is a great intermediate spot for Puerto Escondido Mexico surfing.

The breaks here are softer and the waves are smaller. This makes it ideal for beginners, but there’s still some risk for a less confident surfer. 

The waves tend to crash towards rockier areas, so falling or jumping into the water can be dangerous. La Punta is perfect if you’re ready for a bit of a challenge but nothing too crazy.

best Puerto Escondido surfing lessons

3. Playa Carrizalillo Beach

man laying on a surfboard on Playa Carrizalillo Beach Puerto Escondido Oaxaca Mexico
Pretty Playa Carrizalillo Beach in Puerto Escondido is one of the best beaches in Mexico that are good for beginners.

🏄🏻‍♂️ Best Spot In Puerto Escondido for Beginner Surfers

Playa Carrizalillo is the best beach in Puerto Escondido for beginners learning to surf. The waves are calm and not too large at Playa Carrizalilo, making it perfect for learning and experimenting on your board for the first time. 

There are many surfboard rental shops and classes available nearby so you won’t have to worry about lugging your belongings to the beach.

For the best surfing Puerto Escondido Mexico for beginners, you don’t want to miss out on Playa Carrizalillo. In fact, the majority of instructors include Playa Carrizalillo surf lessons when taking out beginner surfers.

best Puerto Escondido surfing lessons

4. Playa La Barra Colotepec

surfer getting out of the water in Puerto Escondido Mexico
Playa La Barra Colotepec is one of the best surfing spots near Puerto Escondido Mexico.

🏄🏻‍♂️ Best Spot Near Puerto Escondido for Beginner Surfers

Playa La Barra Colotepec is a great spot for Puerto Escondido surfing. With rideable waves coming from every direction, it’s great for intermediate surfers looking to perfect their skills before trying out Playa Zicatela. 

There are rental shops nearby to rent surfboards and sign up for lessons. The nice part about Playa La Barra Colotepec is that it’s less crowded than some of the more popular surf spots in the area. 

best Puerto Escondido surfing lessons

5. Playa Punta Colorada

body boarding surfers
The waves in Punta Colorada is perfect for body boarding.

🏄🏻‍♂️ Best Spot for Body Boarders

Puerto Colorada Beach is a beautiful, secluded beach located a short five minute drive from Puerto Escondido International Airport (code: PXM).

If you’re looking to enjoy some waves all your yourself, head to this lesser-visited spot.

This hidden gem is a favorite beach in Puerto Escondido for surfing and bodyboarding. Its powerful waves and beach break attract bodyboarders from all over for an annual competition.

Punta Colorada is also well known for its diverse ecosystem. You’ll find a variety of wildlife, from birds to whales and sea turtles in the area. 

🤔 Curious about other surf towns in Mexico? You’ll find some of the best surf spots in Mexico in SayulitaEnsenadaCabo San Lucas and the East Cape, Todos SantosMazatlan and Troncones.

Puerto Escondido Surfing: Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Puerto Escondido located?

Puerto Escondido is located on Mexico’s Pacific Coast, in the state of Oaxaca (pronounced waa-ha-kah). It is popular with surfers, and widely known as the best beach town in Oaxaca.

🗺️ puerto escondido mexico map

The map of Puerto Escondido Oaxaca Mexico above will give you a visual, but in terms of distance, the town is located about 157 miles (252 km) from Oaxaca City, and about 473 miles (760 km) from Mexico City.

🚗 Traveling from Oaxaca City to Puerto Escondido? Check out this detailed transportation guide that shows you all your options to make this popular trip.

best Puerto Escondido surfing lessons

Is it worth going to Puerto Escondido?

Yes — Puerto Escondido is worth visiting if you are looking for a small town with incredible opportunities.

man on motorcycle with surfboard in La Punta Puerto Escondido
While surfing is a big draw, there are so many things to do in Puerto Escondido Mexico.

Puerto Escondido offers an authentic Mexican feel with fewer tourists than the more popular beach towns. Visitors flock here for surfing large swells, or simply relaxing on the beaches and enjoying a nice mix of nature and nightlife. 

If you’re not a surfer, you can still enjoy its beautiful beaches and sea turtles releases; not to mention the yoga and Spanish lessons.

To top it off, Puerto Escondido is less expensive per day than other areas around it, making it a great destination for all kinds of travelers. 

best Puerto Escondido surfing lessons

Are there surf schools in Puerto Escondido?

Yes — There are many Puerto Escondido surf schools to choose from! There are also board rentals in town.

surfer holding a surfing board | surfing lessons Puerto Escondido
Booking surfing lessons in Puerto Escondido is one of the most fun activities you can do.

If you want to start learning how to surf or improve your surfing skills, there are a variety of surf houses (schools) and instructors to choose from, including those listed in this article, and local companies like B Surfer Puerto Escondido.

Puerto Escondido also has a variety of beaches that accommodate different levels of surfing, making it the perfect place to learn. One particular school I recommend is Oasis Surf School Puerto Escondido.

Most lessons accommodate small groups of six to ten. You can also choose to take private lessons. But, if you’re on a budget, consider booking a surf package to save money on multiple lessons.

There are also a lot of Puerto Escondido co-living spots and accommodation options that offer surf lessons — Selina Surf Club Puerto Escondido is a great example.

best Puerto Escondido surfing lessons

Why are the waves so big in Puerto Escondido?

The waves in Puerto Escondido are so big because it has the optimal location for a unique combination of factors that create powerful swells.

surfer riding the waves during surfing lessons in Puerto Escondido
There are different beaches in Puerto Escondido that are suitable for different levels of surfers, whether you’re a beginner or a pro.

Waves coming to Puerto Escondido are largely uninterrupted before reaching the perfect swell window near the shore. 

Additionally, Puerto Escondido is surrounded by cliffs and rocks which cause these already large waves to break harder, resulting in the big waves that visitors and locals to love the ride.

best Puerto Escondido surfing lessons

How big do the waves get in Puerto Escondido?

Depending on the beach, the waves in Puerto Escondido average 10-12 feet (4-5 meters) — but waves at Playa Zicatela Beach have reached up to 40 feet (12 meters).

sign saying "no swimming" at playa zicatela puerto escondido
Though it’s one of the best surfing spots in Puerto Escondido for professionals, you aren’t allowed to swim at Playa Zicatela because the waves get too big.

In the summer months, surfers can find 20 foot waves (6 meters) on beaches for advanced surfers. You can even check out a live Puerto Escondido surf cam to see for yourself!

While you can swim at most beaches in Puerto Escondido, you can’t at one in particular due to the huge waves. This is Playa Zicatela Beach, home to the giant Mexican Pipeline wave.

For the best swimming beaches in Puerto Escondido, head to Playa Puerto Angelito Beach, Playa Carrizalillo Beach, Playa Manzanillo Beach, Playa Coral Beach and Playa Principal Beach near downtown.

best Puerto Escondido surfing lessons

Can beginners surf Puerto Escondido?

Yes — Beginners can surf in Puerto Escondido. There are two beaches best known for beginners: Playa Carrizalillo and La Punta. The waves are smaller and calmer on these beaches making it a great place to learn. 

Beginner surfers can book surfing lessons to practice the basics of surfing.

There is no shortage of Puerto Escondido surfing lessons to choose from, and they’re very affordable. If you check out some Puerto Escondido beach cams, you’ll see plenty of beginners learning to surf. 

Whether you need a little practice or have never been on a board, you can surf in Puerto Escondido. 

best Puerto Escondido surfing lessons

Can you surf Puerto Escondido in January?

Yes — You can surf in Puerto Escondido in January. However, this isn’t peak surf season, so the waves may be smaller than in Spring and Summer months.

woman practicing surfing on the sand
Playa La Punts is where you’ll find some of the best surfing lessons Puerto Escondido has.

If you’re a beginner or intermediate surfer, January is a great time to go surfing in Puerto Escondido before the larger swells make their way to shore.

However, for the big waves in Puerto Escondido Mexico, you have to wait until summer. This is also when the surfing competitions come to town, so the water will also be more crowded.

best Puerto Escondido surfing lessons

Can you swim in the ocean in Puerto Escondido?

Yes — You can swim in the ocean in Puerto Escondido, but not in all areas; namely Playa Zicatela Beach.

Playa Carrizalillo Beach Puerto Escondido Oaxaca Mexico
Playa Carrizalillo is a beautiful beach in Puerto Escondido that is perfect for swimming and beginner surfing.

There are some beaches in Puerto Escondido with shallow calm waters offshore perfect for floating and snorkeling, while some beaches are dangerous for swimmers.

Some beaches in Puerto Escondido, like Bahía Principal (Main Bay, or Main Beach), Playa Carrizalillo, Playa Manzanillo and Playa Puerto Angelito Oaxaca are known for small waves.

However, because this town is famous for large surfing swells, making many beaches dangerous to swim in. Check signage or with ask locals before swimming in beach areas with larger waves.

From Puerto Escondido to Puerto Angel and Puerto Vallarta you’ll find beaches all around Mexico for swimming!

For example, nearby towns like San Agustinillo and Puerto Angel are better for swimming than for surfing.

best Puerto Escondido surfing lessons

Is the water warm in Puerto Escondido?

Yes — The water is very warm in Puerto Escondido. Average temperatures stay around 80°F (26 degrees Celsius) for most of the year, making wetsuits for warmth mostly unnecessary.

colorful umbrellas and beach chairs at Playa Zicatela Beach Puerto Escondido
While Playa Zicatela is beautiful, you won’t find any surf camp Puerto Pscondido classes here, as this beach is reserved for professional surfers.

With Puerto Escondido’s warm water with warm temperatures, it’s comfortable to swim and surf year round.

Final Thoughts: Best Puerto Escondido Surfing Lessons, Schools & Classes

Surf travel is a perfect reason to come to Puerto Escondido. If you’re looking for the perfect place to learn how to surf, or take your skills up a notch, the Puerto Escondido surfing lessons listed in this article are for you.

man surfing in Puerto Escondido

Still unsure about the best Puerto Escondido surfing lessons to pick? Round up your surf travel friends and book this Puerto Escondido Mini Surf Trip, with a near perfect 5 Star ⭐️ rating.

Puerto Escondido’s consistent waves attract experienced instructors from all over the world. If you’re curious about surfing, Puerto Escondido is the place to do it.

Do note that some beaches have large swells reaching 10- to 20-feet-high (3-6 m), while other beaches offer calm waves, great for practicing. This is exactly why you’ll want to go with a knowledgeable guide!

No matter your skill level, you won’t regret experiencing some Puerto Escondido surf trips on your vacation. To make the most of your Mexico surfing camp experience, book a surf hostel Puerto Escondido 🏄‍♂️

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