Visiting Mitla Oaxaca: Ultimate Travel Guide for 2024

San Pablo Apostol Church in Mitla Oaxaca


Then you’ve come to the right place! In this post, you’ll learn everything you need to know about how to get to Mitla, what to do while you’re there, where to stay, and answers to your frequently asked questions.

I’ve lived in Mexico since 2018, and have visited Mitla Oaxaca several times. Trust me when I say I know my way around the local eats, hidden gems, and rich Mitla history that makes the town of Mitla truly unique.

Want to take a Oaxaca City to Mitla tour? There’s this tour to Mitla Ruins, this combo tour to Mitla, Hierve el Agua & El Tule (the must-see Oaxaca sites), and this Milta Mezcal Paths Tour to try some local Oaxaca mezcal.

If you’d rather visit Mitla on your own, there’s also info on how to do that in this article. In fact, this article covers everything you need to know to explore the legendary Mitla pueblo magico (magic town) — so let’s dive in!

Mitla Oaxaca Travel Guide

What is Mitla Oaxaca known for?

Mitla is best known as home to the Mitla Archaeological Site. These Zapotec and Mixtec ancient ruins are considered the second most important archaeological site in the entire state of Oaxaca.

mitla ruins in oaxaca mexico
The dry climate has conserved ruins of Mitla that are as old as 10,000 years.

These ruins date back to the classic period and feature magnificent high-relief fretwork and an impressive collection of buildings.

The site, known originally as Mictlán or Valley of the Dead, was primarily a religious center. Ancient Zapotec and Mixtec priests performed many human sacrifices here.

Mitla is also known for its mezcal and embroidered textiles. It is also very close to the Hierve el Agua petrified waterfalls, another cool Oaxacan destination you won’t want to miss.

Mitla Oaxaca Travel Guide

Is Mitla a pueblo magico?

Yes — Mitla, officially called San Pablo Villa de Mitla, is on the official list of Mexico pueblos mágicos in Oaxaca state.

sign for mitla oaxaca mexico
Mitla is one of the many pueblo magicos in Mexico.

These “magical towns” are a collection of approximately 135 Mexican towns that are extra special. Some of them are home to age-old cultural traditions, important archaeological sites, Spanish colonial buildings, etc.

Each Mexico pueblo mágico is unique and worth visiting, and Mitla is no exception.

Not only is the Mitla Archaeological Site (AKA Mitla Ruins) here, but the town is also known for its mezcal, delicious food, and proximity to Hierve el Agua, one of the best places to visit in Oaxaca Mexico.

Mitla Oaxaca Travel Guide

Where is Mitla Oaxaca located?

San Pablo Villa de Mitla Oaxaca Mexico is located in the Central Oaxaca Valley Region in the state of Oaxaca Mexico. It is about one hour from Oaxaca City by car or bus.

📍Mitla Oaxaca Map

The city is in the municipality of San Pablo Villa de Mitla in the upper part of the Tlacolula Valley.

Mitla is only a one-hour drive southeast of Oaxaca City and is easily accessed by tour, bus, shuttle, or rental car.

Mitla Oaxaca Travel Guide

How to Get to Mitla Oaxaca

eatery in oaxaca airport OAX
Inside OAX Oaxaca Airport, located about one hour from the city of Mitla, Oaxaca.

What’s the best airport for Mitla?

The best airport for Mitla Mexico is the Oaxaca International Airport (code: OAX), also called Xoxocotlán Airport. This airport is only 27 miles (43 kilometers) from Mitla, or about a one-hour drive.

Read on to find out how to get from Oaxaca City to Mitla, whether by tourist shuttle, Oaxaca tour, rental car, or the Oaxaca Mitla bus.

Mitla Oaxaca Travel Guide

Best Mitla Tours in Oaxaca

mitla ruins in oaxaca mexico
There are many tour options if you want to visit Mitla, may it be a half-day tour, a full-day tour, or a 2-day tour to Mitla Oaxaca.

Interested in the best Mitla tour Oaxaca has to offer? If so, you have plenty of great options for tours to Mitla Oaxaca — and they’re linked below.

Not only can you choose tours leaving from multiple different cities, but you can also select a tour with the stops that sound most interesting to you.

🗿 Visit Mitla Oaxaca With a Tour 

monte alban ruins in oaxaca
Want to visit additional ruins in Oaxaca? Book this Mitla Ruins & Monte Alban Ruins Tour, which also incudes a visit to Monte Alban.

There are tours that visit only the archaeological site, others that visit the El Tule Tree and Hierve el Agua Waterfalls, and this Milta Mezcal Paths Tour that also includes a visit to the ruins.

Other Mitla tours combine a trip of the Oaxaca artisan towns, like Teotitlán del Valle. You can even do this Mitla Monte Alban Two-Day Tour that incudes a visit to Monte Alban, the most famous Oaxaca ruins.

One of the advantages of going on a Mitla Oaxaca tour is that you’ll gain insight into the ruins from a knowledgable historian.

Your guide will share intriguing facts about the ancients, their customs, their religion, and their architecture. How cool is that?

Mitla Oaxaca Travel Guide

Best way to get from Oaxaca to Mitla on your own

Templo de Santo Domingo de Guzman in oaxaca city
Oaxaca is a diverse state in Mexico, as reflected in its culture, churches, food, artisan towns, and many more.

You have a few options for the Oaxaca City to Mitla Oaxaca route. These include 1) Renting a car and driving yourself, 2) Taking the bus from Oaxaca City to Mitla or Taking a taxi or private driver.

Below, you’ll find a detailed explanation of renting a car, how to take the bus from Oaxaca to Mitla and private transportation. If you’d rather go by tour to Mitla, that information is above.

1. drive from Oaxaca to mitla

renting a car in oaxaca airport
Renting a car in Oaxaca City is an efficient and convenient way of exploring Oaxaca.

If you’d rather get to Mitla on your own, you can rent a car, hire a driver for the day, or catch a local bus. Note: Make sue you rent with a reputable company to avoid scammy dealings.

▶︎ For Oaxaca rental cars, I recommend and personally use Discover Cars. They compare international companies and local Mexican companies, so you always get the best rates.

Car rentals are available from the Oaxaca City Airport (OAX Airport) and Downtown Oaxaca City.

Renting a car is a convenient option if you don’t mind driving in Mexico. If you plan to take several day trips from Oaxaca, a rental car is absolutly the way to go.

To get to Mitla from Oaxaca City, you’ll need to drive 27 miles (43 kilometers). This is a safe and easy drive, as you’ll just take Highway 190 South the whole way.

2. Bus from Oaxaca to Mitla

colectivo van in oaxaca mexico
Want to try Oaxaca public transportation? Taking a bus or colectivo (shared van) is a convenient way to go to Mitla.

The cheapest way to get to Mitla is by bus — however, you get what you pay for, as these buses might not be the most comfortable for all travelers.

Still, at only a few dollars, if you’re doing Oaxaca budget travel, this is the way to go. Here are the two places you can catch the bus from Oaxaca City to Mitla:

1. Oaxaca 2nd Class Bus Station

Head to the Oaxaca Bus Station (located here at Central de Abasto, 68090 Oaxaca, Mexico). From there, look for a bus with a large “Mitla” sign in the window, or ask someone to help you find the Mitla bus.

There is no set bus schedule for Oaxaca to Mitla. However, buses leave frequently during the day, sometimes as often as every 15-20 minutes, but you might have to wait 30 minutes for the bus.

2. Catch the Bus on Jose Vasconcelos Boulevard (Highway 190)

Highway 190 is the main highway in Oaxaca City. After the bus leaves the Second Class Station mentioned above, it drives along this road and picks up more passengers on the way to Mitla.

In other words, you don’t have to go to the bus station in Downtown Oaxaca to get the bus to Mitla; you can catch it directly on the road to Mitla from Oaxaca.

To do this, stand on the side of the road on Highway 190, and flag down the bus with the “Mitla” sign in the window as it passes.

Note: You’ll need to be correct side of the road; from Oaxaca City, Mitla is located to the southeast. If you’re unsure which way to go, check the Maps App on your phone, or ask a friendly stranger.

3. Private Shuttle from Oaxaca to Mitla

If you don’t want to drive yourself and don’t like public transportation, hiring a private driver for the day is the way to go. You get to decide on the itinerary, then sit back and admire the scenery.

To find a private driver, you’ll have to do the homework yourself, but you might find one in this Oaxaca Facebook group. ⚠️ Note: Only use a driver that has a lot of good reviews, and a lot of people who vouch for them.

🚙 Tours from oaxaca to Mitla

When it comes to getting from Oaxaca to Mitla, the easiest and most convenient is to take a tour to Mitla. There are plenty of tours to choose from, and many hit various stops and points of interest.

Mitla Oaxaca Travel Guide

Mexico City to Mitla

Mexico City is one of the oldest cities in North America.

If you are located in Mexico City and want to get to Mitla Oaxaca México, you have a few different options.

✈️ Flights from Mexico City to Oaxaca City

The quickest way is to fly from Mexico City to Oaxaca City OAX Airport, then find ground transportation from there, such as an Oaxaca to Mitla bus. You can also rent a car in Oaxaca City and drive to Mitla.

The flight takes about 2.5 hours. You can fly with Volaris, Aerobus, or Aeroméxico. There are direct flights from Mexico City to Oaxaca City multiple times a day.

🚌 Bus from Mexico City to Oaxaca

red ado bus mexico
Step 1 is to take the ADO bus to Oaxaca; then you take the smaller bus Oaxaca Mitla (AKA the colectivo).

You can also travel by bus from Mexico City to Oaxaca by taking an ADO bus from the TAPO bus terminal (La Terminal de Autobuses de Pasajeros de Oriente).

From the TAPO Mexico City Bus Terminal, you’ll travel about 6-7 hours to reach Oaxaca City. Next, you’ll need to find ground transportation to Mitla.

It will then take another hour by bus Oaxaca Mitla to arrive at your destination. You can also rent a car and make the drive from Oaxaca to Mitla Mexico.

Mitla Oaxaca Travel Guide

Where to Stay in Mitla

When it comes to the best hotels Mitla Oaxaca has to offer, you have many great choices. Before we dive into our top hotel suggestions, let’s talk about location.

There are a few different small areas to stay in and around Mitla. Union Zapata Mitla Oaxaca and Xaaga are two towns very close to Mitla town and Mitla Ruins.

La Unión is closest to the Yagul Caves in the Central Valleys — a fascinating site. Xaaga Mitla Oaxaca is very close to the Prehistoric Mitla Oaxaca caves. It also boasts a small archaeological zone of its own.

For the closest proximity to the Mitla Ruins, however, staying in San Pablo Villa de Mitla is your best choice!

Mitla Oaxaca Travel Guide

1. Mitla Hotel San Judas

yellow exterior  of Hotel San Judas Mitla
If you are searching for accommodation that is near the Mitla Ruins, book Hotel San Judas. (Photo: Expedia)

Hotel San Judas is a great hotel only a six-minute walk from the Mitla archaeological site. The rooms are clean, spacious, and stylish. The views are spectacular, and the staff are friendly and helpful.

Mitla Oaxaca Travel Guide

2. Hotel Casa Regina Oaxaca

pool area of Hotel Casa Regina Oaxaca
Book Hotel Casa Regina Oaxaca if you want a more upscale experience. (Photo: Hotel Casa Regina Oaxaca)

Hotel Casa Regina Oaxaca is another great option a bit further afield. It is only six minutes by car from the ruins, but 30 minutes walking. The distance is worth it, though, as this is easily the best hotel in Mitla Oaxaca.

Alternatively, check out Hotel Don Cenobio Mitla Oaxaca, a lovely colonial-style hacienda.

Mitla Oaxaca Travel Guide

9 Best Things to Do in Mitla Oaxaca

Wondering what to do in Mitla Oaxaca? Here are some of the best ways to spend your time in this Oaxaca pueblo magico (Mexico magic town).

1. Explore the Mitla Archeological Ruins

man visiting mitla ruins in oaxaca mexico
Mitla is believed to be a sacred burial area before the Spaniards came in 1576.

The biggest reason visitors flock to Mitla is to see the Mitla Oaxaca Ruins. The site, though not huge, is fascinating for many reasons.


The ruins are open daily from 8am-5pm. Make sure to arrive by at least 3:30pm-4pm so you can buy your tickets and fully tour the site.

Fun Facts about Mitla Ruins

For one, this ancient center boasts multiple buildings dating from different periods in time. The buildings are decorated with high-relief fretwork carvings known as the Mitla grecas. 

These intricate geometric figures adorn more than 150 different panels on the exterior walls. They are also part of the reason the site wasn’t destroyed by Catholic priests during the colonial era.

Another reason to visit the ruins is because they were once an important religious site for the Zapotec people. Many human sacrifices took place here, giving us insight into the culture and beliefs of the ancients.

Mitla Oaxaca Travel Guide

2. See the San Pablo Apostol Church

colonial church in mitla oaxaca mexico
Built on top of Mitla pyramids, you can access the San Pablo Apostol Mitla Church through a portal that is decorated with crests.

💒 History of San Pablo Apostol

The San Pablo Apostol Church is also worth a visit. Not only is the church impressive and elegant, but it also boasts a rich history.

It dates back to the 16th Century and was built on top of the ruins of a Zapotec pyramid used to worship the sun. Most of the materials used in the construction were scavenged from nearby Zapotec buildings.

Enter through the roomy atrium and check out the building’s religious sculptures, expansive domes, baroque altarpieces, and closed naves. There is fretwork from older Zapotec structures on the southernmost wall of the atrium. 

🪅 San Pablo Apostol Festival

If you’re in Mitla in January, you’ll get to participate in the town fair celebrating the apostle Paul.

During the festival, you’ll get to see huge dolls representing important figures in the town’s history, live music, dancing troupes, and fireworks displays. 

Locals walk around with bottles of mezcal, offering people shots of the beverage. It is rude to refuse, so accept if you can and down the shot in a single gulp.

Mitla Oaxaca Travel Guide

3. Go to Nearby Hierve el Agua, Oaxaca

woman at hierve el agua oaxaca mexico
The pools in Hierve el Agua resemble cascades of water, which makes the place Instagrammable.

If you’re in Mitla, you won’t want to miss Hierve el Agua. These famous petrified waterfalls are only a 30-minute drive away, so the Mitla to Hierve el Agua drive is an easy, popular one.

Go early to beat the sun and the crowds and bathe in the hot springs, take pictures of the cascading mineral formations, and go on a hike or two. While you’re there, check out a 2,500-year-old Zapotec irrigation and terracing system.

Hierve el Agua is a fun, rustic spot operated by the local community. It’s definitely worth a stop, as one of the coolest places in Oaxaca Mexico.

Mitla Oaxaca Travel Guide

4. Visit the Municipal Palace of Mitla Oaxaca

Municipal Palace of Mitla Oaxaca
Visiting the seat of municipal government in Mitla is an added bonus to your stay. (Photo: Gengiskanhg, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

Another building worth seeing in Mitla is the Municipal Palace. This structure, also known as the Municipal Presidency of Mitla, is a two-story building topped with a belfry that has a five-story tower out front.

The palace was inaugurated in December 1977 and still functions as the seat of the municipal government. There’s also one wing that houses the state and federal offices.

This won’t be a long stop but is worthy of a photograph or two. The palace is especially beautiful at dusk when the accent lights turn on. 🏧 Note: If you need an ATM in Mitla or courier services, you can find them here.

Mitla Oaxaca Travel Guide

5. Drink Mezcal at a Distillery

four bottles of mezcal and two small shot glasses at La Mezcaloteca, one of the best Mezcalerias Oaxaca City has
Mezcal is a Oaxacan traditional drink.

Few things say “Oaxaca” like mezcal. Join in this age-old cultural feature by visiting a mezcal distillery, also called a mezcal factory or mezcal palenque.

Mezcalería Sabor a Mitla is a favorite spot for mezcal in Mitla Oaxaca. Stop by to learn about different kinds of agave, the distillation process, aging techniques, and more.

Be sure to taste several different kinds of mezcal and buy bottles of your favorites while you’re there. In Mitla, it is common to also see different flavor of mezcal mixed with fruits to create yummy fruit-based cremas.

If you get hungry, head to the Restaurant Doña Chica, which has a menu full of some top-notch Oaxacan fare.

Mitla Oaxaca Travel Guide

6. Go Souvenir Shopping

open-air shopping market in mitla oaxaca mexico
Go to Oaxaca’s artisan towns for a better souvenir shopping experience.

Mitla isn’t just about Zapotec Ruins and striking architecture — it’s also home to talented artisans, most notably for textiles.

Head to the historic district and wander the streets looking for textile workshops. You’ll have the chance to see weaving and embroidery ranging from tablecloths, hammocks, and bags to rugs and typical clothing.

The embroidery is especially fascinating because many of the motifs date back to pre-Hispanic times and carry meanings layered with Zapotec mythology. But if that’s not your style, don’t worry. You can find fresh and modern designs as well.

🛍️ Want to do some Oaxaca souvenir shopping?

The local markets are always best for this, so when visiting Mitla, head to the open-air handicraft market in front of the Mitla Ruins to shop for clothing, shoes, and keepsakes and also try some local foods and drinks.

Mitla Oaxaca Travel Guide

7. Try the Best Restaurants in Mitla

Origen Maiz restaurant in Mitla oaxaca mexico
Head to Origen Maiz restaurant in Mitla, and opt for a balcony table.

Oaxacan cuisine is mouth-watering. Fortunately, Mitla is a great spot to enjoy regional gastronomy. The best restaurant in Mitla is Origen Maiz, located right downtown near the ruins.

There are lots of good Oaxacan foods you can sample here and at other places, but you’ll never regret trying mole (pronounced moe-lay), the most popular Oaxaca food.

In Mitla, you can delve into the world of complex moles, sip sweet hot chocolate, and try a local, traditional dish made from liver and eggs. There’s also delicious pozole, a pork and hominy stew, and segueza, or “corn mole.”

Mitla Oaxaca Travel Guide

8. Explore the Many Hiking Trails near Mitla

hiking path Oaxaca
Hiking in Mitla Oaxaca is a good way of exploring the area and its gorgeous landscape.

There are many great hiking trails to explore in the Mitla area. Some of them even go through the nearby Benito Juarez national park. A couple of the trails to explore include:

⛰️ Club Imperio Zapoteca Ruta Circular

The Imperial Zapotec Circuit is a three-mile loop trail (4.8 km), perfect for hikers and mountain bikers alike. It is an intermediate trail that usually takes 1.5 hours.

Oaxaca Travel Tips: Be sure to take water with you, wear good hiking shoes, and protect yourself from the sun when going on any hikes.

⛰️ Mountains South of Mitla

If you’re up for a challenge, consider doing this out-and-back trail into the mountains. It is seven miles (11.5 km) in total and usually takes about four hours to complete.


9. Try Nieves (Sorbet)

colorful nieves in oaxaca mexico

Nieves is a sorbet, usually made with fresh fruit, vanilla, or chocolate, that’s popular all over Mexico. However, Mitla, in particular, is well-known for its delicious sorbet, so do try one when you’re traveling to Mitla.

Mitla Oaxaca: Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mitla worth visiting?

Yes — Mitla is definitely worth visiting, especially if you are interested in archaeology, ancient cultures, human sacrifices, beautiful mosaics, and the Zapotecs of old.

San Pablo Apostol Colonial Church in Mitla Oaxaca
San Pablo Apostol Church was built on top of Mitla Ruins Oaxaca Mexico

The archaeological site at Mitla is one of the most important ruins in Oaxaca state, second only to Monte Albán, home to one of the most beautiful pyramids in Oaxaca Mexico.

Besides that, Mitla is home to mezcal distilleries, embroidered textiles, and delicious food. You could easily spend several days exploring here. It’s no wonder it makes the list of Mexico’s magical towns!

Mitla Oaxaca Travel Guide

Why is Mitla important?

Mitla is important because the Mitla archaeological site is located here. The Mitla Zapotecas Ruins date back to 700-900 AD.

intricate design of the walls of Mitla ruins
Mitla archeological site is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site & the Mitla meaning is place of the dead.

They were a crucial part of Zapotec history and became the center of the Zapotec empire after Monte Albán declined. The ruins were later home to the Mixtec people.

The Mitla archaeological ruins were an important religious site and feature incredible mosaics and high-relief fretwork.

Mitla Oaxaca Travel Guide

What does Mitla mean in English?

In English, Mitla means place of the dead. The name originates from the Nahuatl word (or Aztec word), Mictlán. In Aztec mythology, Mictlán is the underworld.

Before the Mitla archaeological site was called Mictlán, it was known by the Zapotec word Lyobaa, which means “house of tombs” or “land of rest.”

Both names reference a legend that states that many Zapotec warriors, priests, and kings were buried under the city in an enormous chamber. However, if such a chamber exists, no one has found it yet.

Mitla Oaxaca Travel Guide

What is the best month to visit Mitla Oaxaca?

Consider visiting Oaxaca in late-January, February, April and May (though May can be quite hot), and from late-September to early-October. During these months, there are fewer crowds, lower prices, and good weather.

Mitla Oaxaca average weather chart
Mitla Oaxaca average weather. (Photo: Data from Weather Spark)

With it’s temperate, dry, desert climate, there’s really no “best month to visit Mitla Oaxaca,” or Oaxaca state.

One of the year-round destinations in Mexico, there are actually several great times to visit, thanks to Oaxaca’s three shoulder seasons which were listed above.

Mitla Oaxaca Travel Guide

How old are the ruins of Mitla?

Many people wonder, When was Mitla built? Archaeologists estimate this site may be as much as 10,000 years old. The cold, dry climate in this area aids in preservation.

mitla ruins in oaxaca mexico
These ruins near Oaxaca, also known as the ruins of Mitla have intricate mosaic fretwork.

The oldest part of the Ruins of Mitla Oaxaca still standing today date back to the Classic period, which ranged from 100-650 AD, but possibly even as far back as 900 BC.

The main site started out as a fortified village and evolved into a religious metropolis for the Zapotec and Mixtec civilizations. The city reached its peak size between 750 and 1521 AD.

Mitla Oaxaca Travel Guide

What is the column of death at Mitla?

The Column of Death, also known as the Column of Life, is a pillar that divides the entrance to one of the Mitla tombs

large stone columns in Mitla Ruins oaxaca mexico
These columns weigh as much as 39,000 pounds (17,600 kg).

The Column of Death and the Column of Life are the same thing. They are not a columns group of several columns. 

Legend has it that if you hug the column, the space between your hands will determine how many years of life you have left. Clearly, you’ll be at an advantage if you have short arms.

Of course, that is only one of the legends surrounding the column of death. Others state that if you hug the column, you are cursed and doomed to die. Yikes! Another says that if you hug the column and it moves, you don’t have long to live.

No matter how long your arms are, you won’t get to try hugging the column, as it is no longer allowed. So many people were doing it that it was causing damage. You’ll just have to eyeball it and make your best guess.

Final Thoughts: Visiting Mitla Oaxaca

mitla ruins oaxaca mexico
Mitla Oaxaca trip-of-a-lifetime coming right up.

San Pablo Villa de Mitla Mexico is a magical town in the state of Oaxaca.

Featuring fascinating Zapotec ruins dating back to the beginning of the millennium, mezcal distilleries, awesome textiles, all the yummy Mitla restaurants and incredible hiking trails — Mitla is worth checking out.

It is also only a 30-minute drive from the famed petrified waterfalls of Hierve el Agua. Another perk of visiting this pueblo mágico (magic town) is that it is easy to access from Oaxaca City.

No matter how you get there (tours, rental car or bus), don’t pass up the chance to visit Mitla. These famous Oaxaca Ruins make a great addition to any Oaxaca itinerary.

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Can you drink the water in Oaxaca?

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Is it safe to rent a car in Oaxaca?

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Will my phone work in Oaxaca?

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What’s the best way to book places to stay in Oaxaca?

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What do I pack for Oaxaca?

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What’s the best site to buy Oaxaca flights?

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Do I need a visa for Oaxaca?

Likely Not — U.S., Canadian and most European Passport holders don’t need a visa for Mexico; but you can check here to see if you need a Mexico travel visa.

The vast majority of travelers will receive a a passport stamp, or 180-Day FMM Tourist Visa upon arrival.